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Aug 18, 2013 5:00am EDT
of the world. now this is a quote that was given to us by michael evans. and then here you see hassan rouhani now this, of course, is the new president of iran. iran's new president won't compromise. that's on the jew or the atomic bomb. yes. you know, jack was telling me something before we went on here and it was about one of the jewish rabbis in 1217 bc, how that he was enlightened by elijah the prophet. i never heard this before. jack will you tell us about this please? i'm going to go slowly now because this is deep. there are only three people with bodies in heaven-the lord jesus christ, enoch and elijah. enoch, genesis 5:23, enoch walked with god and he was not for god took him. how did he take him? hebrews 11:5, he was translated, raptured, so that he should not see death. that's a vision of what's coming in the future. but there was a second rapture and it was elijah. a voice is heard saying the chariots of god are coming and elijah went up to heaven by a whirlwind and he's on the other side. this rabbi, 1217, called judah ben solomon said i had a vision about elijah and he outlined
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1